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Locking Dash Mount for Polaris General

Locking Dash Mount for Polaris General

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The Polaris General platform has some amazing OEM add-ons & accessories, one of them being the Polaris Tip-Out front windshield system. Having the advantage of venting the front windshield, opening it fully, or locking it closed is huge.  The cooling flow created by air rushing in directly at the front of the machine cannot be matched when riding in hot environments.

  However!  A huge problem exists, and it happens to be with the dash mounting plate that locks the t-handle into place.  During normal operation even without incident the thin plastic locking clips can become worn & snap off rendering you helpless to lock the windshield closed. This causes a major inconvenience during a trip or driving around your property but losing the ability to close & lock your front windshield in inclement weather or freezing temps can be very dangerous.  Loss of confidence in your machines capability is a scary thought when you're on the trail far from civilization.

Over time products have been made to help with this situation but there has not been a real solution that manually locks your handle down until now and the team at OG found it!  While we did not create nor manufacture this dash mount, we did fall in love with it & fully believe in it's capability to solve your problem.  OnlyGenerals is now the exclusive distributor of this amazing unit and the team cannot wait to get it on the dash of all Generals suffering from a broken tip-out mount.

What is it?

The tip-out dash plate is a heavy duty machined aluminum mounting plate with dual spring loaded stainless steel locking pins that securely hold & lock the Polaris t-handle into place.  Being the same footprint as the OEM plastic mount, it will utilize the factory hardware and under-dash backing plate that is already in place.  The locking pins are retained with finger loops that are easy to operate with one hand.  They also feature a twist lock option to keep them in the open position while operating the handle! 

Do I need it? (Yes)

If you have the Polaris Tip-Out front windshield system installed on your General it is only a matter of time before the mounting base clips snap off or get loose from operation.  A hard impact or strike can cause the plastic clips to break free from the base rendering you unable to secure your windshield closed.  Our team feels this base is an essential component for the Polaris Tip-Out windshield system!


  • Heavy duty machined aluminum base & risers
  • Stainless steel spring loaded locking pins
  • Finger pulls on each pin for easy operation
  • Black powdercoat finish to match OEM aesthetic
  • Manually locks the t-handle into place
  • All metal construction that will hold up to abuse
  • Fits all Generals with existing Polaris Tip-Out windshield
  • Utilizes factory Tip-Out hardware already in place
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA
  • Color photo instructions for confidence during installation
  • OnlyGenerals peel & stick decal
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects
  • Supported by top level customer service from OnlyGenerals
  • Free shipping in the continental US

Our passion for sharing what we love and care about with other enthusiasts of the offroad UTV community is what drives us at OG.  This locking dash mount is a product we saw potential for.  We love the concept & functionality so much that we have to share it with all Polaris General owners.  Having the tip-out windshield hardware already in place, anyone is capable of installing this dash mount on their General with relative ease.

The OG Guarantee:

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects on this locking dash mount product.  This warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, damage during use, products damaged in accidents, improper installation, unapproved customer modifications, and claims outside of the 365 day period.

The bottom line is we stand behind our products and our customers.  We will always do whatever we can to help with any issues you may have or any questions & concerns.

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