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General Access UTV LLC

2017-2023 Polaris General Rear Exterior Door Handle Kit *** FREE SHIPPING ***

2017-2023 Polaris General Rear Exterior Door Handle Kit *** FREE SHIPPING ***

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Kit includes: 2 black powder coated aluminum handles, all hardware, paper templates and printed color instructions for installing driver side and passenger side rear exterior door handles.



General Access UTV LLC - Rear Exterior Door Handles
Fitment: Polaris General 4 - 2018-2023

2017 Interior Squeeze Paddle Style Kit

Fits all 4 seat models!

If you are like me you love the Polaris General 4 door but there is one thing missing ! THE REAR EXTERIOR DOOR HANDLES.

This is the only kit on the market!!!

We’ve got your solution for this pain that we all have on the rear doors, especially for kids and new passengers not knowing how to even get into the back seats. Now you’ll no longer have to open the doors for passengers every time! Once installed you’ll find out this is an accessory you use almost every time you drive your machine!!

Have you ever tried opening the doors with the upper canvas on wearing gloves? Impossible!!
Or trying to open them when your arms are full of things to put in the backseats!!
And even for all the lifted machines with no upper doors but still struggle to reach the inside door handle.

This kit does not interfere with the inner handle or factory cable. The inner handle from the factory still functions the same. We utilize the factory rotary latch already installed on your door. You simply add the supplied adapters, cables, the new handles and hardware to have a true 4 door General!!

The installation is pretty straightforward with typical tools that nearly everyone has. Kit includes driver side and passenger side cut out paper templates for perfect handle placement. Also included is detailed color directions!

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