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Make Your Speedometer Read Right
Big upgrades to your Polaris ATV or UTV can really mess up your speedometer reading. With massive tires and a gear reduction, your speedo reads 25 MPH when you’re really flying at 45! Get SuperATV’s Polaris SpeedDoctor Speedometer Correction Kit to force your OEM speedometer to show the correct speed. Even better, it corrects your odometer reading too.

Dead Simple Setup
Getting this speedo correction kit installed is easier than you think. It plugs right into your rig. Then all you have to do is use your passenger’s GPS to tell it what your actual speed is and you’re ready to go.

NOTE: For safety purposes, always have a passenger assist in monitoring the GPS speed while driving during the setup process.

  • Corrects your stock speedometer and odometer
  • Great for big tires, gear reductions, and snow tracks
  • Plug and play installation with model-specific harness
  • Simple to program
  • IP67 water resistant rating

Fits the Following Polaris Models

  • All Polaris Ace Models : 2016-2019
  • All Polaris General Models : 2016+
  • All Polaris Ranger Models : 2011+
  • All Polaris RZR Models : 2009+
  • ALL Polaris Scrambler Models : 2014+
  • All Polaris Sportsman Models : 2011+
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