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SpeedoHealer Speedometer Correction for Tracks Polaris or larger tires

SpeedoHealer Speedometer Correction for Tracks Polaris or larger tires

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Speedohealer.  This little device is pretty sweet for guys running tracks or swapping between tracks / tires or swapping between two different tire sizes.  The device can be programmed to increase or decrease your speedometer calibration to correct for tracks or different tires sizes.   The Polaris track system reduces your final gearing by 40% so you would want the Speed fixer device programmed to -40% so your speedometer will read accurately.  This also prevents you from stacking up unnecessary miles on our odometer. When the time comes to install your tires again you simply unhook the Speedo Healer device and you are back to your normal speedometer reading!  The divice is waterproof and designed to withstand extremly harsh conditions!   

The device will come pre programmed based on the percentage number you specify when you order it.  It will come ready to plug and play. 

To install you simply unplug the speed sensor harness on the right side of your transmission just above the right rear axle shaft, plug the Speed fixer harness into the factory speed sensor, plug the original speed sensor harness wires into the Speed fixer, secure the wires and device to your machine, you are done!  It comes with instructions if you are wanting to calibrate the device yourself or you can choose what percentage + or - you want your speedometer to read and we will pre program the device for you so you don't need to screw around trying to program it.  If you have tracks select -40%.   The device is weatherproof against water and mud!   

How to figure out the percentage change of your tires.  Take your new tire diameter minus your original tire diameter, take that total and divide it by your original tire diameter, take that total and multiply it by 100.  The new total is your percentage change that you want the Speed fixer set to.  Example:  Original tires 26" and I went up to 30" tires.  30-26=4, 4/26=0.1538,  0.1538X100=15.38,  +15.38% is the value I would want my speedo healer set to.     

Polaris tracks take calibration setting -40% on the speedo healer.  


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